Consign Your Vehicle Today..!!

          Arizona Classic Car Specialties consignment program is proving to be a popular alternative for our customers in these hard economic times.
We offer peace of mind to our customers. By utilizing Arizona Classic Car Specialties to sell your vehicle, you won't have to hassle with cleaning, shooting photos, private advertising costs, time wasters or tire kickers. We eliminate the possible dangers you could face when having total strangers come to you house to view your vehicle. We also reduce the chance of possible damage to your vehicle doing test drives with unqualified buyers.
If you have a used vehicle that you would like to sell, call us today! We are looking for good clean used vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorhomes, minihomes, van campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, etc. Depending on condition, we may purchase your used vehicle outright or take it in on consignment or to the auction. Or if you purchase a pre-owned from us we will consider your current unit in trade.
We advertise your vehicle nationwide!
We Consign

           RVs, Travel Trailers, Toyhaulers, Motorcycles, Enclosed Trailers, Utility Trailers, Motorcycles, UTVs, Boats, Vehicles & more!


Consignment Specialists

     When you sell or trade your vehicle with us, rest-assured you will have a dedicated professional who will help you throughout every step of the process. Our expert team of consignment professionals know your vehicle inside and out, and are available to answer all your questions, help you determine the value of your vehicle, and know what it takes to quickly and easily help you sell your vehicle. We do not sell any new vehicles since new units would be in competition with your vehicle.


Free Appraisals

 The correct asking price for your Consignment Vehicle is critical for you to get the top dollar for your vehicle. We use prices of current market prices, previously sold units, blue books, and experienced appraisers to make sure your vehicle is priced to your best advantage. Take advantage of our free appraisal when you list.


Local & Nationwide Advertising

     Selling your vehicle can be frustrating and expensive. We cover all advertising expenses and take the hassle out of that for you. We advertise your consigned vehicle nationwide using a multitude of different outlets. Whether it be newspaper, radio, TV, our website, Ebay, Craigslist, etc., we look to cover all areas and get your vehicle sold as soon as possible. Many times a quick sale is made!


Trade-ins or Cash Purchases

 Arizona Classic Car Sales makes it simple for you to do a trade. We can offer to pay you immediate cash for your vehicle which means you won't have to delay the start of your next adventure.


  We have access to more finance resources than any single individual would normally have. This makes a tremendous difference over selling your RV yourself because cash buyers are very difficult to find.


Extended Warranties (Service Agreements)

   Some buyers may be uneasy about making a pre-owned purchase due to expired warranties. Arizona Classic Car Sales is able to offer extended service contracts on many later models. Our extended warranties provide buyers with peace of mind and are another reason why they prefer buying a consigned vehicle.


Ultimate Detailing Service

 Having your vehicle professionally detailed will assist in selling it faster and receiving better price offers. We want to make sure you receive top dollar for your vehicle. Different services are offered depending on what type of vehicle you're consigning.


Experienced Staff

 Vehicle pricing, advertising, marketing, detailing, financing, extended service agreements, and trouble free closings all happen because of our experienced Sales staff.


Professional Photography

  Arizona Classic Car Sales has professional photographers shoot photos of your unit at our facility. This allows for there to be limited background noise, focusing on the vehicle, no worry of shadows, glares, dark photos, etc. We believe by eliminating these issues, we are able to display your vehicle as best as possible.


Full Service, Parts and Body Shop

  Arizona Classic Car Sales offers a full service, parts and body shop to assist with any issues with you vehicle. Before your vehicle is setup for consignment, we are able to repair exterior/interior damage or issues with the vehicle's engine.


Out of State RV Seller Program

  If you live outside of Phoenix Az. and do not want to bring your unit to our location yourself, call us at: 602-513-3298  No matter where you are, you can either bring your vehicle to us or we can assist in locating a service to deliver it to Phoenix Az. for you.